Hursan DCP 77/650 400

Hursan DCP 77/650 400

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New Hürsan Hydraulic Press

Ready to ship DCP 77/650 400 Tons Capacity

Double Action Special Hydraulic Press


a. Our Hydraulic presses are our own production and bear HÜRSAN Brand.

b. This Hydraulic press; Hydraulic, Electrical parts 1 year, Mechanical parts are

guaranteed 2-year against manufacturing defects.

c. Delivery time is TBD following the first (advance) payment.

d. Delivery place is in Konya (EX-W), Hürsan Pres main production facility.

e. Hydraulic oil belongs to BUYER COMPANY. Shell Tellus 46 number of oil will be

used for the machine. For the sliders, 0 number grease oil will be used.

f. Hydraulic presses Installation and Startup will be done by the HÜRSAN PRES

COMPANY. But, BUYER COMPANY undertakes cranes and forklifts in the buyer plant,

after delivery.

g. Training will be given to BUYER COMPANY operators and maintenance workers by

our workers.

h. Electrical cable connection between hydraulic press and substations belongs to


i. Hydraulic press Foundation plan will be given to BUYER COMPANY. Regarding the

foundation plan, BUYER COMPANY will prepare the foundation for the press


j. Hydraulic press Language and Documentation will be in English.

k. Pre-acceptance will be done before shipment at HÜRSAN PRES COMPANY.


ModelDCP 77/650 400
Ram Tables Pressing Capacity80-400 Tons (Adjustable)
Cushion Table Pressing Capacity30-150 Tons (Adjustable)
Ram Table Useful Area1200x1000 mm
Bottom Table Useful Area1200x1000 mm
Distance Between Ram and Bottom Tables (Max)1000 mm
Distance Between Ram and Bottom Tables (Min)200 mm
Body TypeH-FRAME Monoblock
Slider Lubrication SystemAutomatic
Ram & Bottom Table Mold ConnectionT-Slots DIN 650 Will be machined according to customer Spec
Pressure Cylinders Stroke0-800 mm (Adjustable)
Cushion Cylinder Stroke0-300 mm
Ram Approaching Speed130 mm/sec
Ram Pressing Speed10 mm/sec (Adjustable)
Ram Return Speed200 mm/sec
Pump (REXROTH Brand)105 l/min (1 Unit)