2020 Salvagnini P2 2116


2020 Salvagnini P2 2116



P2L-2116 Lean Panel Bender, 85.83” Bend length, 6.5” Bend height

Year 2020

Installed Feb 2021

CLA-SIM Auxiliary bending tool asymmetric command for positive bends

Manipulator for profiles, Mover and segmented tooling for narrow profiles

DPM - Manipulator for narrow profiles

MAC 2.0: the Material Attitude Correction allows the material characteristics to be identified and the proper

calculation of the most suitable bending trajectories to be made.

The machine is in great condition, Under power for inspection, Salvagnini Service and support for decommission and set up.


ModelP2 2116
Stock NumberUMCDC-144
maximum length of incoming notched sheet:98.23”
maximum width of incoming notched sheet:62.99”
maximum diagonal of notched sheet:98.43”
maximum bending length:85.83”
maximum dimension of bends above work surface:6.496”
Maximum length of the blankholder:85.83”
Maximum length of the inward bend on the short side of the blankholder:1.181”
Maximum length of the inward bend on the long side of the blankholder:1.772”