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The C.R. Onsrud High Rail Gantry Series CNC machining center was developed to meet C.R. Onsrud’s continued commitment to the advanced materials industry and the high demand for a very large working envelope needed by manufacturers producing high-precision, large and/or awkwardly shaped components (of non-ferrous, light ferrous, or advanced composite materials). Offering our largest variety of options, sizes, upgrades, and machining possibilities, the flexible High Rail Gantry series is engineered and built to order. The High Rail Gantry is a no-holds-barred CNC machining center, built to handle the largest jobs you throw at it. The design utilizes Finite Element Analysis extensively throughout the process to ensure your High Rail delivers the tolerances you demand. The Onsrud family has been manufacturing specialized machines for the aircraft industry since the industry “took flight,” and the High Rail is the contemporary continuation of that long legacy.


ManufacturerCR onsrud
ModelHigh Rail