Marvel 8-MARK-II

Marvel 8-MARK-II

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Series 8 SPEED RANG: 50-450 FPM infinitely Variable with inverter drive FRONT MOUNTED SPEED CONTROL: ALLOWS BLADE SPEED TO BE ADJUSTED FROM OPERATOR'S CONTROL STATION FEED PRESSURE: Infinitely variable with control on operator's panel and Automatic Colum Return Colum Feed is Mechanical with Marvel clutch power feed T-SLOTTED WORK TABLE: Work area 24.25"x33" Table height 34.5" WHEEL DIAMETER:19" cast iron wheels BLADE BREAK/STALL DETECTION: Standard equipment, shuts off the machine in event of blade breaking or stalling. QUICK-ACTION VISE: Jaws can be shifted to either right or left side of blade. AUTOMATIC STOPS: Adjustable stops can be pre-set to stop advance and return of blade, and also to stop the motor at any location within the 18" travel of the blade. FLUSHING HOSE: WAsh chips from hard to get at places reducing clean-up time. pOWER CHIP BRUSH: Together with blade wipers and flood coolant deep blade teeth free of chips.


Capacity: 90°18″ x 22″
Capacity: 45°18″ x 12.75″
Speed range50-450 fpm infinitely variable speed drive system.
Front-mounted speed controlAllows blade speed to be adjusted from operator’s control station.
Feed range0 – 140 lbs. infinitely variable direct reading scale balance beam.
T-slotted work tableWork area 24.25″ x 33″; table height 34.5″; four machined T-slots accept .625″ (15.5 mm) T-Bolts.
Miter cuttingColumn and blade tilt up to 45° right and left of vertical; work always stationary. Built in protractor.
Quick-action viseMaximum opening 18″. Jaws can be shifted to either right or left side of blade. Jaws are 6″ high, 12″ wide.
Automatic stopsAdjustable stops can be pre-set to stop advance and return of blade and to stop motor at any location within the 18″ travel of the blade.
Coolant systemBuilt in with Flood system, available with added optional drop lubrication system. Controlled by on-off selector switch at operator’s station. Tank capacity 21 gallons.
Flushing hoseWashes chips from hard-to-get-at places reducing clean-up time.
Power chip brushTogether with blade wipers and flood coolant keep blade teeth free of chips.
Carbide guide systemGuides are stationary and can be rotated to present new guiding surface to the blade. Upper and lower guides have preloaded carbide-faced back-up blocks to support back edge of the blade.
Blade14′ 6″ Long x 1″ Wide x .035″ Thick. One Welded-Edge Band Blade is furnished with each machine.
MotorsMain; 5 H.P., 1800 RPM, totally enclosed fan cooled. Coolant Pump; 1/8 H.P. enclosed motor-built-in integrally.