BLM LT8 3D 8.5 – 6.5


BLM LT8 3D 8.5 – 6.5


ADIGE Model LT8 3D 8.5 – 6.5 – Tilt Head Laser Tube Cutter Included in base unit are the following: Closed Loop Chiller – provides resonator cooling Front Unload Part Conveyor Automatically discharges parts up to 500mm (19″) long Rear Scrap Conveyor Collects part scrap and end drops Delicate Tube Handling Option Rubber and nylon guards designed to minimize tube marring during feeding Programming and Operations Training included see details on page 15 Active Pierce – piercing feedback device to reduce pierce time thicker materials Weld Seam Detector Optical device for welding seam line identification and orientation Spare Parts Kit Consumable spare parts kit of 59 items with 37 different part numbers Telediagnostics Service First year service contract for remote trouble shooting and repair 24 Hour Service Hotline First year 24 Hour Service Support Hotline service contract Active Focus –Automatically adjust focal position to provide optimized pierce times


ModelLT8 3D 8.5 – 6.5