FMB Saturn

FMB Saturn

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The Saturn offers semi automatic operation of the cutting cycle, complete with hydraulic clamping, positive hydraulic cutting pressure and auto return after the cutting cycle.

Standard Features & Equipment:

  • Swivel saw head with a precision protractor. Mitre 0 – 45 degree left and 0-60 degree right, 
  • Heavy duty machine base with locking cabinet
  • Mechanical blade tension with built in indicator
  • Precision carbide blade guides with roller guides 
  • Length stop (23” long)
  • Saw drive via gear reductor with case hardened and ground helical gears 
  • Flood coolant system
  • 24 volt control voltage
  • Infinite Variable Speed Motor Controlled via OMRON INVERTER
  • Specify voltage at the time of order ( 220/3ph, 440/3ph)
  • One FMB cobalt band saw blade and operating manual
  • Vise Slides on Linear Guide Rails for easy setup of left and right mitre cuts


Round 0 Dgree12"
Round 45 Degree/Right10-1/4"
Round 60 Degree/Right6-3/4"
Round 45 Degree/ Left11"
Rectangle A 0Degree12"x14-1/4"
REctangle A 45 Degree/Right6"x10-1/4"
Rectangle A 60Degree/Right10-1/2"x6"
Rectangle A 45 Degree/Left6"x10-1/4"
Rectangle B 45 Degree/Right12"x8-2/3"
Rectangle B 60 Degree/Right6-1/4"x6-3/4"
Rectangle B 45 Degree/Left12"x9-3/4"
Square 45 Degreee/Right9-1/2"x9-1/2"
Square 60 Degree/Right6-1/4"x6-1/4"
Square 45 Degree/ Left10"x10"
Blade Size11'3"x1"x.035
Saw Blade SpeedVariable 52 to 394 FPM
Saw Motor2 HP
Coolant Motor1/8 HP
Floor Space38"x63"
Machine Weight2180 LBS