2022 Salvagnini P4 Lean 3216

2022 Salvagnini P4 Lean 3216

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Welcome to factory 4.0. The P4 was invented and designed by Guido Salvagnini in 1977 and has continuously been developed. Salvagnini owns the largest factory for panel bending 4.0 worldwide.


FLEXIBLE: Universal tool for bending from 11 to 27 gage

 PRODUCTIVE: Automatic set-up in masked time.

SMART: Zero scrap and consistent quality thanks to MAC 2.0

SIMPLE: Intuitive and easy programming software

REACTIVE: Extensive modularity to allow the machine to work in factories 4.0

VERSATILE: Custom solution to cut the profile or bend articulated parts

AVAILABLE: Wildest range of available models

Max Material length incoming 137.6

Max Width incoming 60" 

Max Diagonal 137.8"

max bending length 126" 

max bending height 6.6" 

Max thickness 

steel 11ga 90deg , 13 ga 130deg 14hga 135deg 

Stainless 13 ga 90, 14ga 125deg, 16 ga 135deg 

Aluminium 7ga 120 deg, 8 130deg, 9 135deg

Shipping Q1 2023

Pictures are not the actual machine and are used for reference.

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ModelP4 Lean 3216