1987 Amada Amada Pega 244

No longer available

1987 Amada Amada Pega 244


Amada Pega 244

Punch is in working condition has been removed from service to make room for a new machine.

Has been serviced and supported by amada

Decommissioned by Amada service

Amada Fanuc-P controller

Turret Stations 20


ModelAmada Pega 244
Stock NumberUM-820
Maximum Sheet Size:39.37" X 78.74"
Maximum Axis Travel:39.37" X -Axis 41" Y-Axis
Max. Linear Table Speed:1968″ per min.
Punching Accuracy:+/-0.004″ Hole to Hole
Maximum Sheet Thickness: 0.250"(mild steel)
Maximum Material Weight:110 lb.
Press Capacity:20 Tons
Press Stroke:1.575″
Maximum Hole Diameter:4.5″
Tool Type:Amada Thick Turret
Turret Rotation Speed:30 RPM
Turret Capacity:36 stations
Control: Amada -Fanuc-P
Control Function:X, Y, T & C
Input Method: MDI, Floppy Disk Drive, RS-232
Operating Modes:Automatic, MDI & Manual
Display Modes:Program Contents, Position Information, Program Check, Parameters, Tool Hit Counter, Self Diagnostics
Machine Dimensions157" X 90" X77"
Machine Weight18,740 LBS