Cidan FX32 COMBI Folder


Cidan FX32 COMBI Folder


CIDAN FS/FX is the most powerful metal folder in its class – strong, exact and almost impossible to wear out. With welded sides, clamping beam with eccentric drive and extra strong lower beam, this machine is optimized for the highest levels of productivity, low maintenance costs and problem-free running, year in and year out. The straight rail is divided into 3–5 segments for quick and easy changing. The machine has three different folding rail widths to choose from with quick change design. The FX offers 125 mm (4.9”) high box tooling with fast locking. The opening height is 150 mm (5.9”) on both the straight rail and Combi beam sides. With box tooling you gain more free space and can fold profiles with very fine measurements. Changing from straight rail to box tooling takes only 6.3 seconds. Combine FS/FX with the ProLink control system for exact control, better overview, easier program storage and faster operating. You can even generate folding sequences, collision control, easily managed material tables, tool memory and many more exclusive functions. CIDAN FS/FX gives you an unrivalled combination of raw strength and flexibility.

Crowning adjustment as standard always gives the perfect folding result

Two folding beam rails with width 7/10 mm (0.275″/0.394″) and 20 mm (0.787″) as standard

Fast, reliable, and user-friendly

Choose between two control systems, EasyLink or ProLink W, both with plenty of features

Multiple backgauge stops for both small and large parts across the bending length of the machine

Cidan FX

Great option for ACM wall panels. HVAC sheet metal panels, Metal door frames.


ModelFX32 COMBI Folder
Stock NumberFX32
ModelFX32 Combi
Folding Length126"
Folding CapacityMild Steel 14ga Aluminum .125 Stainless 18Ga
Machine DimensionsL 168" xW 85"xH 67"
Weight8,344 LB
Opening Height5.98"
Clamping Beam Motor2.0 HP
Clamping Pressure20.3 tons
Folding Beam Motor, Dual Drive2.9HP
Air Required,Static load80PSI
Power Required, # phase, 60 HZ208V or 230V
Amperage Breaker30 AMP

Additional Features

All models come with speed optimization at no cost. This allows the upper beam to start coming up, as the
folding beam returns from bending angle. The process starts as the folding beam passes 70° on the re-
turn to 0° position.

Standard items you get on the CIDAN Combi are:
Crowning adjustment for thick material
Combi Beam with sharp tool and 4.98” box tooling
Bayonet type folding blade system for quick change
Solid lower beam, so when hemming you will not leave dimples on the part
3 folding blade widths; .276”, .396” and 1”
Material sensing on clamping beam
Prolink graphic control – easiest control on the market
Eccentric clamping beam drive
Optimize speed – when folding beam comes down to 80 degrees, upper beam starts to come up
Most reliable machines on the market
2 year parts and labor warranty