Sideros Rotoclean deburring machine 550 OXY Cut parts

Sideros Rotoclean deburring machine 550 OXY Cut parts

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Rotoclean 550 deburring machine for OXY CUT / PLASMA CUT/ LASER CUT

Compact, safe and efficient, the SIDEROS ENGINEERING deburring machine ROTOCLEAN allows a rapid and

cheap removal of slag, burr, calamine and rust from oxy-cut workpieces in full safety and autonomy.

It replaces traditional and expensive manual grinding operations, which, besides being the cause of lesions to

eyes and hands, give rise to air and noise pollution.

Workpieces are stored in a hexagonal drum, entirely coated with a special wear resistant rubber. This allows

the machine to considerably reduce noise emissions and to avoid damaging the parts that fall on the drum

walls. Rotation is driven by a largely dimensioned geared motor and it allows to fully clean the parts, either by

falling or rubbing.


ModelRotoclean deburring machine 550 OXY Cut parts
Load Capacity2200
Filling level50% - 60%
Max. Workpiece Dimensions39 x 14 INCH
Drum Rotation Speed24 RPM
Footprint Dimensions111 x 52 In x In
Overall Height63 IN
Weight3800 LBS
Electric Motor Power3 KW
Voltage480 V 60 HX UL
Electrical Board 24 V AC

Additional Features

• High productivity • Low operation costs
• Utmost noise reduction; • High sturdiness
• Safe use • No maintenance
• Certified quality • Reduced consumables costs